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6 Sessions



Getting Started:

Start by scheduling a free consultation appointment. Afterward, sessions can be purchased individually or as a package for savings. Each session lasts about 2 hours and includes a pre-talk interview, education, wide awake exercises, and trance session. Practicing the techniques you are taught is highly recommended for homework between sessions as you build new abilities for personal growth. Reading materials, handouts and recordings are also available.

  • 1 Session

  • 3 Sessions

  • 6 Sessions




I appreciate everything that Elaine has done for me.  She helped me work through some past difficulties and get in touch with parts of myself that needed help.  We worked on some difficulties that I have around weight management and I can see that I am now making healthier choices for myself and being mindful about my eating difficulties.  Thank you for your help on getting me on the right path to living a healthier lifestyle.


Elaine assisted me in reducing pain that I’ve experienced for 23 years, building upon her healthcare experience as a nurse practitioner.  She is comprehensive, conscientious, and nurturing in her delivery of hypnotic therapy.  She understands the human process and her results demonstrate this.  I highly recommend her.


Elaine was incredibly supportive when it came to helping me learn about myself and dive into my subconscious.  She made me feel comfortable and at ease, which helped me to connect with my inner child and heal part of myself that I didn’t even know needed it.  I appreciate how adaptable she is and how she can be in the moment with me.  I will continue to use the information and skills I learned from her for the rest of my life.

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