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Emotional Release: Sadness, Anger, Shame

How Hypnotherapy Unburdens Emotional Pain

  • 2 hours
  • Virtual Meeting

Service Description

Chronic hurt or negative feelings often develop during vulnerable childhood years when parents or authority figures are critical, neglectful, or abusive. Those childhood parts continue to suffer long into adulthood without intervention. The inner child parts need to know that all children deserve unconditional love and are not responsible for the weaknesses and failures of adult caregivers. Hypnosis methods such as age regression and parts therapy are ways to access and clear painful feelings from the memories. Disappointment and unmet basic needs for connection can lead to sadness, low energy and reluctance to engage in positive, enjoyable activities. Feelings of rejection can lead to inner core beliefs of not being good enough and worthy of love. Shame is the opposite of self-love and attachment. Physical abuse can lead to either withdrawal or anger.

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