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Description of Hypnotherapy Services

How and Where Hypnotherapy Services Are Provided

Hypnotherapy Services at Empathic Hypnosis are provided virtually on Zoom by Elaine Buxton, Certified Hypnotherapist.  Virtual availability, rather than a local site, offers convenience, a wider choice of hypnotherapists, and lower cost.  It is just as effective as on-site hypnosis because both people can still be seen and heard using Zoom technology.

Types of Issues Helped With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective approach for a wide range of issues and desired changes, including relaxation, stress management, resolving anxiety and other emotions, clearing childhood emotional trauma, and changing habits.  It can produce meaningful improvements for various physical conditions such as chronic pain and weight issues.  It can help build capacities such as self-love, confidence and resilience.  Hypnotherapy is all about enhancing a person's ability for desired change b resolving the root causes of a problem, enhancing motivation, and integrating and strengthening positive resources.  See the services topics in the boxes below for more information.

Techniques Used In Hypnotherapy

Techniques and approaches used depend on client need and type of issues.  There are many techniques based on  multiple proven methods such as suggestibility in hypnosis, guided imagery, gestalt dialogue, inner child-family systems, age regression, parts therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), change theories, chronic pain management, psychology, education, and trauma informed care.  Because hypnosis increases access to the subconscious and unconscious mind, powerful improvements in health can be achieved.  At Empathic Hypnosis, Elaine combines several of these methods in each session.

Number Of Sessions To Resolve A Problem

The number of sessions needed by an individual varies, depending on the problem, readiness and commitment for change, existing capabilities, and trust in the process and hypnotherapist.  Often exploration about the cause of a problem is helpful because the conscious mind may not have awareness or understanding regarding it.  People change and develop at their own rate, so not everyone has the results at the same pace.  Elaine offers a free pre-session consultation to determine if hypnotherapy is right for the individual and to estimate the number of sessions needed,  Session packages are offered for savings on the cost.

Hypnotherapy Is Complimentary To Medical Care

Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists do not diagnose, treat medical conditions or prescribe unless they also hold professional licenses to do so.  However, supportive therapies are complimentary to traditional medical care because they utilize different methods and models of care.  Sometimes a person may be asked to obtain permission from their treating doctor to add  hypnotherapy services for a particular condition in order to coordinate healthcare.  Because Elaine has extensive experience in the nursing field, she has greater understanding of physical and mental health problems than a hypnotist without a traditional healthcare background.


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